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Internet Marketing for Local Business

Local Internet Marketing…

Search engines are getting smarter & smarter. With locally optimized web design, offline businesses can take advantage of the internet too… Google and other Search Engines whole purpose is to bring the searcher a good experience, to give them what they are looking for. The reason Google is the #1 search engine with a market share of 70% or more is not a whim.

Their entire business model is to give the web visitor what they are looking for. If a searcher clicks on too many links that take them to something different than what they typed into the search-bar they will soon not trust that search engine.

It is becoming easier to end up on the #1 page of Google local search because Google knows that when someone is looking to buy something he usually prefers to buy it in the area where he lives. People dread the customer service headaches when buying something halfway across the country. Most wish to be able to touch an item and to talk to a person face to face before actually purchasing a product or service.

You advertise in the Yellow Pages. You put ads in the local publications. You want to be found… especially when business is down.

The way customers find a business they want to visit is changing. More and more frequently customers [especially younger ones] search for what they want to purchase on the internet. In fact almost every decision to buy starts with a search on Google. It’s just the way things are headed. And it’s a good thing. Stores and services across the country and the world are finding that the internet is becoming the best way to reach customers.

The internet is immediate. Print ads and the phone book inherently lag behind. On the internet changes can be done in a flash. If a marketing campaign is not working it can be changed in 5 minutes.

Consider these facts:

  • Customers are looking for you. Can they find you?
  • Word of mouth is the most powerful marketing campaign any business can launch.
  • Social media is redefining the way we buy.
  • Do you have a website? Does your website work?
  • Does it interact with your prospects?
  • Is your website just a pretty billboard in the middle of a trackless wasteland?
  • Is your Yellow Pages ad really doing what it used to do?
  • Does your newspaper ad get lost among all the other similar ads?
  • Are you prospering in this time of uncertainty?

If you have a website that is not working properly we can fix it or show you how to fix it yourself. If you don’t have a website we can help you build an optimized website that can bring customers to your door. In the last few years thousands of people have made a fortune on the internet. This is not with huge websites, although there are many, but with the right tools to market to hungry crowds.

Internet marketing has become a science but there is still a lot of Art involved.

It is different from traditional marketing that has been around for many years. The rules have changed. People want to have a relationship. In this world of high tech, consumers want to feel that high touch. They want to get to know who they are dealing with. Loyal customers are much more valuable than ones who don’t know you or you don’t know.

There are ways to use your web presence…

…to make yourself stand out from the crowd and have a crowd of hungry buyers. But we can no longer say “If You Build it They Will Come”.

There are proven techniques for driving traffic to your business.

Traffic is the quest of all internet marketing, but what good is traffic if once it arrives it leaves within a few seconds? If people come to a site there must be something to keep them there. That thing is content. There must be something of value for them. Something related to your business whether it is free information, a free offer, a coupon.

In the internet marketing world…

…marketers have found that the first sale can be one in which they make little or no profit. They know the lifetime value of a customer is much more than a one time sale or offer.

Do you have a customer list?

Do you have email addresses of your customers? In internet marketing circles there is a true saying, “The Money is in The List”. People who have bought from you before are much more likely to buy from you again.

The possibilities are endless.

You may find that you have something that you can take onto the world stage.

This is your introduction to a whole new way of marketing to the public.

Relationship marketing is the name of this game.

Kent Young
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