What is Internet Marketing?

by Local Maven

Internet Marketing for Local Business…

Example of old technology- typewriter

Original Keyboard

For the last hundred or so years the masters of direct marketing have honed their craft to a razor’s edge. The mavens of marketing have crafted the art of the sales letter and promotion piece ‘til it squeezes out the last penny.

This is done by calculations of the demographics so that as many of the target audience sees each piece as possible. Then the copywriters do their magic.

Do you realize the power of a headline? In the greatest sales letters headlines have been tested over and over until the most money sucking ones come to the top.

Internet marketing follows in the footsteps of the great marketers of the last century. On the internet however the results of testing can be had much quicker.

Direct marketing in the traditional way was done through the mail. Testing a new campaign could take weeks or months mailing to a small list to see which piece got the best response. Only after that was determined could the full campaign be rolled out.

Don’t get me wrong… after all the testing and honing of the message some of these campaigns could bring in dollars for the marketer for years.

And the testing never stops. When a piece begins to become less effective a good marketer can tweak it so that it once again is a powerhouse.

Direct marketing has been useful for some local businesses but has not been used as much as more broadcast marketing such as ads in newspapers, magazines, radio and TV. Even Yellow Page ads have been essential up this point.

The effectiveness of these marketing venues are steadily decreasing however. Newspapers are shrinking in readership and effectiveness. More people than ever are getting their news from non-traditional sources. Below a certain age group they think the purpose of the Yellow Pages is to elevate them in their chairs so they can sit with the grownups.

An emerging market is the growing number of Smart Phone users or users of less smart phones that can receive text messages. The potential of this market is simply huge.

On the internet we take advantage of NOW.

With the speed of the internet we can test campaigns a lot quicker. We can compress the timeline of a successful campaign into days rather than months. We can test everything… headlines, page titles, body copy even the colors of the site.

And we can do it for so much less money than with the traditional way.

So, what does this mean for your local business?

We will be discussing the potential for your local business in much greater detail. First lets get down to some marketing terms.

Broadcast: Communicating your message to the broadest number of viewers. This is a numbers game. Good for branding. Not as good for selling.

Think of a commercial on the SuperBowl. The SuperBowl gets more viewers than any other show. More people will see your message here and the sellers of ad space know that.

SuperBowl ads are the highest cost per minute of any ad space. Why do companies use ad-space on the SuperBowl? Mostly to be seen.

Does being seen on the SuperBowl return the advertiser the amount of money that is put into it or at least the brand awareness. I don’t know, but you may want to ask the Dot Coms who advertised there at the start of this millennium. Pets dot Com spent millions to get their name before millions of people. They didn’t make it to the end of the year before they had to auction off their mascot – the little microphone clutching sock puppet dog.

With Pets dot Com there was… no there there.

So just getting the name of your business in front of millions of people has no use to you unless you have something to offer to every one of those people.

NarrowCast: This is what we found out about the internet. Rather than going broad we can narrow our reach to find those people who can use our products and services.

It is becoming possible to find customers with pin point accuracy. One of the largest web communities on the planet FaceBook can even let you give someone a gift on their birthday. Now that’s narrowcasting.

The Future of Marketing is here. Whether you learn all of this yourself or partner with my team you can start bringing in new customers and renewing relationships with old customers.

The Return on Investment [ROI] with this type of marketing will knock – your – socks – off.

I invite you to let me send you tips and tricks on marketing on the internet. We will be exploring the ins and outs of internet marketing. I will gladly teach you everything you will need to know to do your own marketing or you are free to use my services.

Either way you choose, here is my major piece of advice to you…